1. Inpatient : Quality Care given by a multi-disciplinary team to patients inside a nursing home for pain and symptom relief.

2. Outpatient: Emergency care for outpatients for immediate symptom relief.

3. Homecare : House visits for bed ridden and immobile patients by completely trained doctors, nurses and counsellors.

4. Counselling: Trained Psychologist and trained volunteers counsel patients and family members.

5. Creating Awareness: To create awareness about Palliative Care we work with other medical fraternity, nurses, corporate, colleges, and social workers.

6. Training and Education: Training for Doctors, health care assistants, nurses, home Health care givers, psychologists, social workers for under privileged and for job opportunities.

7. RMD IGNOU COMMUNITY COLLEGE: (Accredited to Indira Gandhi National Open University Courses in Palliative care) 7. Hospice care Is Palliative care with trained team where the patients are given Quality of life with prolonged stay till their end. Hospice care is provided at Karuna Sagar (at Maduravoyil) and Prabha Hospice (at Madurai).

8. MOKSHA: is an END OF LIFE CARE ROOM. We provide continuous monitoring and critical and terminal care with attendant equipments.

9. Community: Based Palliative Care RMD Pain and Palliative Care Trust has launched Community Based Palliative Care, Unit at Periyapalayam. Thiruvallur Distt. It is a Joint effort with support and guidance of National Rural Health Mission and State Health policy (Tamil Nadu).